Born out of Portsimi - Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, S.A., Iddeal has the best of two worlds. On one hand, it has the dynamism and flexibility of a newly-created company and, on the other hand, it has the history and experience of a company that emerged from the refoundation of another company, which had proved its worth in the Temporary Work market.

We are the heirs of a successful legacy that begins in Portugal and has spread all across Europe. We know different realities and have the certifications and qualifications that attest our rigour and exigency.

For all these reasons, when you need specialised temporary human resources, vocational guidance and training, or human resource consulting and management, think on Iddeal. We do justice to our name.


Exigency in the search for the best human resources and efficiency in their management are two of the principles that Iddeal puts into practice every day. Only in this way can we meet our costumers' needs.

To exigency and efficiency, we also add transparency. Below we list some of the key aspects of our human resource management and selection methodology:

>Access to an extensive and permanently updated database

>Additional recruitment methods, namely press advertisements, radio campaigns, advertising in specific places, among others

>Verification of professional references and their evolution

>Rigorous individual selection interviews

>Selection of candidates based on rigorous assessment methods

>Personalised monitoring of the candidates and work teams already placed

>Daily attendance control

>Wage processing

>Processing of terminations, dismissals and other labour-related issues

>Compliance with legal obligations

>Legal advice


Each country has its own rules when it comes to temporary work. Iddeal complies with each country's specific demands, obtaining all the necessary certifications and qualifications. These are the most important ones:

>Fiscal representation in Holland;

>Fiscal representation in France;

>Certified by STICHTING NORMERING ARBEID (entity responsible for inspecting and certifying temporary work agencies operating in Holland)

see certification

>VCU safety certification no. K65026/03 – Benelux Market

see certification

>Belgian Temporary Work Agency License no. VG2098/U

see certification

>Belgian Temporary Work Agency construction sector nº 2098 / UC

see certification

>Alvará Português de Empresa de Trabalho Temporário nº 410 de 12/03/2003

see certification

>German Temporary Work Agency License

see certification